Chrysanthemum Week

Chrysanthemum Week was born from a dream like most good and important things. We wanted to achieve international recognition of Colombia as the world center of Chrysanthemum,highlighting the excellent conditions that our country has to produce extraordinary quality throughout the year.

We seek to include, nationally and internationally, Breeders, producers, marketers, suppliers, universities, research centers and end customers, who participate in this industry, always contributing the best with a single objective: 

to make Chrysanthemum Week the annual meeting point for the chrysanthemum production chain.

The idea began to be shared with friends in the sector and year after year our purpose grew. A few years ago each Breeder used to organize his variety showcase and display individually; but it was in 2015 where by coincidence Deliflor and Dümmen Orange ended up doing it in the same week. The result was so positive that they continued to hold their Open House together in week 35, then other Breeders such as Danziger in 2016, Icon and Dekker in 2018, Royal Van Zanten and Floritec in 2019 and finally this year Progeny Breeding , thus achieving the participation of almost all the chrysanthemum Breeders present in Colombia.

And this is how in 2019 what we know today as “Chrysanthemum Week” materialized. This event was created in order to fprovide crops from the American continent and international buyers the opportunity to enjoy the union of Breeders in the same week to see the best varieties flourish.The results have been very positive and increasingly promising.


8 breeders come together to show the new trends and varieties of this species worldwide.


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