We are a company with 20 years of experience within the country,focused on achieving excellence in the genetics of chrysanthemums and building relationships to facilitate and optimize the cultivation process, helping our customers improve their business experience in the world.

We are sustainable by conviction and promote the growth of the floriculture sector, framed in sustainability, where the generation of economic resources is in line with environmental respect. We are aware that our processes demand multiple resources; therefore, from the transformation and promotion of our production processes, as well as the generation of environmental culture in the company, we seek to make each of our processes efficient in the use of all environmental services.

In order to be environmentally responsible and care for the planet, we research, implement, and promote sustainable and responsible technologies that use and demand environmental resources. Since January 2020, we have been part of BanCO2, where we seek to offset the carbon footprint derived from our production process. We promote initiatives within the company that encourage greater environmental responsibility.


With the enthusiasm that has characterized us for these 20 years and the support of our parent company, we started the construction of our "Chrysanthemum House,"a complete concept to generate added value to the region, the country, the industry, our collaborators, and customers.

Thanks to this, we were able to achieve a growth of 50% in propagation areas, which will allow us to leverage the company's growth and provide the desired service to our customers, delivering a higher volume of elite material. We expect to deliver more than 8 million cuttings annually for the propagation of our growers. The total area under greenhouses has been defined as 1.5 hectares, strengthening technologically each of the production processes and adapting better agricultural practices for the development of chrysanthemums, firmly believing in precision agronomy. The greenhouses have better airflow, operate with solar energy, have more efficient specialized fans, climate screens, enclosures with greater protection against insects, LED lighting, cooling systems with a positive impact on the environment, automated watering with self-compensating hoses, water ultrafiltration to improve efficiencies in consumption of water, fertilizers, and agrochemicals, mechanized curtains, humidity, temperature, and pH sensors, and an area of super-elite material in pots, in addition to all the technical improvements. We are building a suitable space for our stakeholders, especially for our collaborators and customers.

Thus, we are starting with a concept that goes beyond breeding; it is an approach to sustainability, learning, and fun. In this space, we will have a café-flower shop to create content and teach the community, florists, and producers about chrysanthemum handling. 

There will also be a room for conducting vase life tests with a capacity for more than 800 vases, which will allow us to continue generating reliability in our customers and provide information based on statistics. All this will be accompanied by two cold rooms for simulating air and sea trips, and a training room with specific stations for the development of each task, accompanied by explanatory dojos that will guarantee the training of our people. Additionally, we will have warm offices to receive our customers and offer them a familiar environment where we can continue strengthening relationships. In addition to what has been mentioned, we have reforested the farm with more than 1000 native trees with special characteristics for the conservation of birds and bees, which will have their place with hotels for their reproduction and care.

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